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and Services

All our customers, regardless of size avail of the same high quality products and service that Pulse Voice and Data prides itself on.

We simply find out what you want and deliver it to your specification in a simple, no fuss manner.

We only deal with industry leaders bringing you the best and most reliable products and services in a highly secure manner.

Everything we deploy

Is installed by qualified technicians

Ensures smooth changeover from old system to Hosted PBX. Confirms there are no on site network issues.

Can expand as your requirements dictate

We can increase system capacity instantly. You no longer have to wait for additional lines and hardware to be installed.

Is future proofed

Your system is always secure and up to date and additional features will be made available as they are released.

Is secure

Our servers are only deployed in the most advanced and secure data centres

Is user friendly

Easy access to all system features ensures a positive experience for all users

Is cost effective

No more ongoing line rentals or expensive hardware and maintenance charges.

Is fully supported

Pulse Voice & Data provide the highest standard of support in an efficient and timely manner.

Includes software updates

All software and security updates are automatically applied to your hosted PBX

Meets the highest industry standards

We deploy only ‘best of class’ products from industry leaders guaranteeing long term reliability.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

At Task Security we provide, among other things, a 24 hour alarm and emergency monitoring service. When choosing our new phone system, reliability and support were therefore of utmost importance not to mention the need to meet the extensive list of features which are critical to our operations including an IVR system for routing calls and the facility to record calls.
Following representations from numerous vendors we awarded the contract to Pulse Voice & Data. They showed exceptional attention to detail and a clear understanding of our needs. They delivered on every requirement and have provided fabulous after sales support.
We are very satisfied with our decision and I would happily recommend Pulse Voice & Data to any prospective purchaser.

Ronan Bunting

Task Security Systems

Pulse Voice & Data have been our PBX provider for many years. When moving to our new offices we wanted to avail of the latest in communications technology and install a future proof system to cater for an initial requirement of 70 extensions .We considered the benefits of both an ‘on site ‘ PBX and a hosted PBX and the long term costs and benefits of both options.
We ultimately chose the Pulse Hosted PBX offering. This platform satisfies all our needs and we continue to enjoy excellent support and advice from the team at Pulse Voice & Data.
We were able to lower our running costs and avail of all the features and flexibility that the Pulse Hosted PBX provides.
Pulse took ownership of the installation process and delivered exactly what we wanted on time.

A. Egan

Irish Heart Foundation

We haven’t looked back since we spoke to Pulse Voice & Data . I am constantly on the move and always need to be contactable. By using the Pulse Hosted PBX even my voice messages are delivered to my email which I can listen to on my mobile. I have no line rental anymore and I no longer need to engage a telephone answering service to answer calls and take messages when our office is unattended.
Pulse Voice and Data have saved us a fortune.

Doug Robertson

Robertson Estates

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Reliability is Everything

Our servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure smooth operation and timely resource upgrades. We provide a cloud based disaster recovery system which is superior to the on-premises solutions available today. Our Hosted PBX Systems are always up to date with the latest in telephony software.

Telephone Lines not required

Pulse Hosted PBX System does not require any physical telephone lines or any PBX equipment to be installed in your premises. Onsite maintenance and system programming are not needed and you can add extensions as your growth dictates.

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